OTF Elite Speed Program

OTF Elite Speed Program

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OTF Elite Speed Program is coming in hot!

This is not a plan with gimmicks and pointless footwork drills. This is a result based, 4 week grind, guaranteeing that you will become faster.

When talking to D1 coaches, (not recruiters, actual coaches) the #1 characteristic they look for in any position and sport, is SPEED. That’s what we do! SPEED.

The OTF Elite Speed Program will require a weight room, outdoor area to run (preferably a track), and a mind set of doing every exercise with maximal intent. Every day you should think - I am getting a half step faster!

Time your 40, 60, 100, or whatever drill your sport requires, before and after this program and see the results for yourself. Then wait until game time when you’re blowing by your competition!